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We provide the equilibrium

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Bernard Veale

Bernard Veale
Principal member of
FACT Governance Consultants cc

Bernard Veale is also an author and novelist
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Fact Governance Consultants cc

FACT Governance Consultants cc offers management consultancy and assistance to organisations ranging from governance bodies to young start-up entrepeneurial businesses. Assistance may be in the form of financial guidance regarding budgetting, cost control & planning; business mentors & coaches; Employee training & guidance; Governance and management consultants; operating capital applications; pre-acquisition guidance and investigations; systems design & recommendations and as tax strategists.

Services provided:

  1.   Accounting investigations and reports
  2.   Agreements drafted for business and partnerships (for legal vetting)
  3.  Analysis of departmental profitability
  4.   Analysis of enterprise profitability
  5.   Bookkeeping on computer in Excel files (no additional software required)
  6.   Budget and CAPEX preparation
  7.   Business advice and guidance for inexperienced entrepreneurs
  8.   Cashflows and forecasts for banks, prospective purchasers and management
  9.   Company control and governance per King commissions
  10.  Excel spreadsheets designed for all business purposes
  11.  Financial Statements prepared for audit or management
  12.  Governance and control of formal business meetings
  13.  Information technology (IT) control and governance
  14.  Mediation of members or partners disagreements
  15.  Reorganisation of business for best personal and corporate tax effect
  16.  Salary and wages system for small enterprises (freeware)
  17.  Tax returns for re-organised clients
  18.  Termination of enterprise and disposal of assets
  19.  Training in the use of Excel spreadsheets (including writing macros)
  20.  Valuations of business enterprises (buying or selling)
  21.  Vetting of property leases and other agreements for business (not legal) impact

How Much Will it Cost Me?

  1. The initial interview is free.
  2. Costs only start accumulating once a contract is signed by you.
  3. The contract could be for a specific number of hours worked on an agreed task.
    • Here, costs are dependent upon hours expended and level of experience required for the task For example:
    • An experienced bookkeeper updating your records under the control of a senior accountant could cost you between R60 and R120 per hour
    • A senior consultant working on your financial statements or re-organising your tax affairs could cost between R200 and R400 per hour
    • A contract could also be for a fixed sum agreed to arrive at a given result or, it could be a retainer that guarantees you a specific number of hours of a consultant's time every month, until you are confident enough to operate without assistance. This could cost you from R2000 to R3200 for one day per month. (Two days per month are generally sufficient for an enterprise employing about twenty persons)

About Bernard Veale

Certified Accountant (UK)
Management Consultant (SA), (Member of Professional Standards Committee)
Fellow of Institute of Directors
Professional Business Advisor and Tax Practitioner
Principal member of FACT Governance Consultants cc
Past experience:
Chief Financial Officer and director of several listed SA companies
Director of two SA insurance companies
Partner of SA professional practice (200 employees)
Financial director of large UK computer bureau
Practising international management consultant for 10 years

Budgetting | Business mentors | Employee training | Governance consultants | Management consultants | Systems design & recommendations | Tax strategists | South Africa